Media Application 

Thank you for your interest in taking part in the Supernats Event/s

We value your application because media is an essential component of all types of Motorsports. By submitting this form; you acknowledge that you have obtained an AASA Media License or that you have provided an up-to-date license, and that you will abide by all AASA and Supernats Promotions rules and regulations.


We have a restriction on accepting applications for media accreditation to all Supernats Events because it is only open to professional media due many negligent people have put themselves in dangerous situations, and failing to follow our rules and regulations. Importantly we want to ensure that those who are chosen have the best chance of capturing the best videos and photographs possible


If you believe you should be considered for Media Accreditation, please fill out the online application as completely as possible.


To attend, all media applicants must provide their own Media Vest.

There will be a charge of $60 which includes your entry and support vehicle with access to all areas of the venue for the duration of the event.



Please be aware that any professional filming and photography must be approved by Supernats Promotions; no personal drones are permitted unless approved in writing by the Promoter. Supernats Promotions retains all media photos and videos for legal and promotional purposes.



All photos, videos, and accepted Drone footage must be Nil watermarked, Full Resolution and sent within 48 hours or at the Promoter's agreed-upon time frame and is strictly not permitted to use before Supernats uploads on any social media platforms unless permission is granted by Promoter


Please send all photos and videos to via We Transfer ( you can send a USB to 50 Rose st Sefton, NSW 2162

If the applicant does not comply with the rule, he or she may be barred from future Supernats Promotions events.


Media Application Requirements: Applicants must be at least 18 years old and be able to provide photo identification. You will be required to sign in at the Credentials Office upon your arrival.

Unless instructed by an Official and/or a prior agreement is in place, all Accredited Media must remain behind the Barriers in their designated areas.Officials' instructions must be followed at all times.

Otherwise, your Media Accreditation may be revoked, and you may be asked to leave the event.


To obtain a AASA Media Application please go to the link below


Media Pass Fee: $60 includes support car for the Full Weekend

What will you be shooting...