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Safety Check - Scrutineering

All drivers must submit their vehicle for a safety check before they enter the venue where they will be given their stickers.

Entry to the event is always at the Promoter’s discretion upon advice from the safety checkers. Safety comes first.

Burnout vehicles may also be re-checked in the queue for the burnout pad.

Once the car has been passed, you will receive a separate sticker to your entrant sticker and must always have it on.  



  • Seat and seat belts in good condition

  • All passenger seat belts are in good condition if passengers are to be taken.

  • No wheel weights,

  • Bonnet secures if required.

  • Burnout cars may compete without a bonnet provided all belts are covered.

  • Front Tyres in good condition (not Bald)

  • No Alloy Wheels in the Burnouts (accepted in Racing, Superskids & Cruising The Track)

  • No visible fluid or oil leaks

  • Structural rust is not acceptable.

  • Return springs on mechanical throttles.

  • No loose bodywork/trim

  • Battery securely attached.

  • Rear Brakes for Cruising, Super Skids & and NO-PREP Racing are a MUST!!

  • All fittings must be securely fastened with no fuel, oil, or brake leaks.

  • Each battery must be securely retained using steel clamps

  • Each hole in the firewall is to be plugged

  • No Body damage.

  • Catch Cans are not mandatory however there will be an extensive inspection for oil leaks! If your car has oil leaks it will NOT PASS !!!

  • Tail shaft Loops: Applies to single-piece tail shafts only! not mandatory for Cruising.

  • Helmets comply with Australian standards. Helmets must extend to cover the complete ear. “Skull Cap” style helmets must not be used. Motocross Helmets accepted as long as they are full face covered a

  • Each vehicle equipped with Methanol will be Provided a Sticker with "M" and to be stuck on the front and rear window

  • Drivers competing with methanol-fuelled vehicles must wear an approved race suit

  • Insurance Personal Accident - drivers, passengers, pit crew, and officials are covered by RACERS personal accident insurance scheme

  • Handheld ABE dry powder fire extinguisher with minimum 1kg capacity, secured with vehicle bracket conforming to AS/NZS 1841.5 and 1A:20B: E rating is highly recommended.

  • Each supercharged car is advised to have Blower Restraint to SFI 14.1 or equivalent standard, NOT COMPULSORY but recommended 

  • Open Exhaust is permitted with NO MUFFLERS.

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