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Supernats Is Getting Ready to Shake Down Victoria 
12th-13th May 2023

Get ready the wait is over for the muscle and grunt Horsepower Party" We are excited to announce that Supernats will host another EPIC VIC event with two days of "WILD & WICKED Burnout "SMOKE SHOW" as well as the thumping NO PREP 1/8th OUTLAW & STREET DRAGS.

For more excitement on the strip we will have Victoria first Truck Racing

All makes and models of cars, custom bikes, and trucks are welcome at the show and shine.

The action will take place at Sunset Strip in Mildura, situated in the middle of SA, VIC, and NSW. Encouraging the 3-State fans to come together and have a blast


You will love the rural setting, the nearby attractions, and the friendly locals. and a great opportunity visit Family & Friends

Custom Trucks


Event Information





Top Overall Grand Champion Winner!


TOP V8 includes Blown N/A & 8cyl



TOP 6 includes all 6cyl motors 

Top 6 R/U

Top 4/6 Cylinder Winner

Top 4/6 Cylinder R/U

Top Rotary T.B.C

There are two Burnout classes and are limited to two minutes. When red flags and lights appear, competitors must stop their burnout. Failure to cease the burnout when instructed may result in a lower judged score or disqualification.  Competitors shall be held accountable for any circuit damage caused by driving on rims. It's possible that you'll have to pay for any track damage you create. No participant is allowed to lose traction anywhere but the burnout pad.

Burnout Rules:

No Static burnouts

Vehicle not to be driven around the venue or the track on rims. Competitors are liable for any damage.

No Skids or Burnouts at the pits or paddock will incur your entry cancellation

Burnout Judging Criteria:

Instant Smoke - Constant Smoke –Quantity & Quality of Smoke -

Driver Control- Crowd Response -

Engine Revs

Blow out Tyre/s

Super Skids is about showing your tough rides horsepower and how you control it on the Drag Strip. Competitors shall be held accountable for any track damage caused by doing the wrong thing on the track.

Judging Criteria
Distance achieved while the rear Tyres are spinning at a faster rate than the front tyres
Quantity & Quality of smoke made over the length of the used track
Driver Control
Engine Revs
No brakes to be used to slow the car during skidding
No drifting or static burnouts


pcm-drags-8191-nw (1).jpg


Run What Ya Brung! (Flags Down)

The principle of NO PREP Racing is to race your opponent with a rolling start, with the car in the right lane setting the pace until the green flag is dropped. It's a 1/8th mile street race on the racing car track. Tyre warming will not be permitted. 

You'll compete against whoever is next to you at random.

This race is held on the main straight. There will be no timing equipment and the track will not be properly prepared.

Passengers are not permitted.


Winners may return to the starting line and race again if time allows.

Please note that this event is solely for the purpose of creating excitement and bragging rights.

Roll Racing


Cruising The Track will take place at allocated times throughout the event. Passengers are permitted as long as they are dressed in long sleeved shirts, long pants, and closed shoes. Seat belts are required for all passengers in the vehicle. All passengers must sign a liability waiver and wear a wristband. Passengers must be at least 14 years old, and passengers under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the indemnification.

Note: Gold Entrant Pass holders receive priority on the track, with convenient all-access entry and always being first in line for MORE Track Time!! They get Super Track time!


Cruise Around The Track

  • No drifting

  • No static burnouts

  • No donuts.

  • Not too much smoke

  • No loss of control.

  • No slowing down or stopping on the circuit to bunch the field

  • If you break down, we will send assistance

  • Yellow flags or lights means slow down, hazard ahead.

  • Red lights mean the session is finished please leave the cruise session When the circuit is under red lights, slow down, drive safely and expect to see emergency vehicles on the circuit.

  • We will have officials cruising that will be under cover watching and observing


In the Supernats Show & Shine, you must display your Vehicle, Truck or Custom Bike in the allocated Show & Shine area. Our Judges will find your Vehicle / display and make sure your vehicle gets judged. The judges will automatically decide what category / class your vehicle will be.

Once your Vehicle is judged your entrant sticker will be ticked. Your car and driver are permitted to enter the designated Show & Shine area for $50.00 Pre booked or $65 on the day

Super Truck Show. This category has started to grow since we introduced it back in 2013, in Sydney it was the first time in Supernats History and proud to say first time in Australia's History they got to Drag Race, Cruise The Track and hold some Burnout Demos. We give the big Riggs a fair go and treat them equal as Motor enthusiast's. This year we have special permission from the management of Mildura Sunset Strip to have them cruise and Race them on the strip for the crowd and have extended the category and  have trophies for the BIG RIGGS. 

The Bike category at Supernats has always been popular and one of the main features  to the events in Sydney therefore will be adding this category and have trophies




Supernats  presents its 26th annual celebration at Victoria aiming for the car culture, enthusiasts to  a whole new level.

Supernats  isn't just a Motorsport event - it's the ultimate experience.


We're inviting all car clubs and Motorsport Teams from Victoria and other Australian states to participate in this year's Diversity Event, which will feature a broad collection of Australia's Greatest Rides.  A fantastic opportunity to experience and participate in the world of Tough Street Machines, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Japanese Domestic, Trucks, and Custom Bikes, as well as to show off your pride and joy and participate in all of the Track Activities the event has to offer. There will be a wide range of special trophies and awards available for all classes and categories. All Rides are respected and acknowledged, and we make every effort to accommodate all makes and models.


We've chosen to host a CAR CLUB COMPETITION since there are so many great clubs and teams in the industry. We've reserved $150.00 to contribute to the challenge. To compete in this competition, you must have at least two car clubs.

Rules & Regulation for the Competition

A special offer for early entrants is listed below

1) To Win $150.00 plus Trophy Must Enter Minimum of 15 cars for the

Top Participated Award (the more cars your club enters more chance to win cash)

2) To Win $100.00 plus Trophy  Top Presented Club Cash Award $100

so get your thinking caps on and show us a real creative stand /displays


Note that the winning Club will receive funds directly deposited into the Club account, not to an individual's account. The Club Competition will be held on Saturday, December 4th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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