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Supernats Winton Raceway Park Competitor Information & Guide Package

The Street Machine Supernats will be held at Winton Raceway in Victoria.

Competitors must enter the venue through Huntley Street.
Signs and personnel will direct you to the correct location.

Please bring any required papers or a digital receipt with you on the day of your attendance so that we can get through the administrative responsibilities as quickly as possible.

It is essential that you have an AASA permit. If you do not already have one, please purchase one at

  • Make certain that it has been pre-purchased prior to the event. 

Please make sure you head to Scrutineering which is located via Huntley Street. This is where you and your vehicle will be checked in. Your vehicle will undergo safety check and you will be issued with your vehicles official entrant  sticker, arms bands and all passes you have pre ordered 

  • Scrutineering will be open Friday 4th  February from 5pm  to 9pm and Saturday 5th February from 7am till 2.00pm.

Support / Trailer 

  • Exclusive Package Holders & Paid Support Vehicles are permitted near Entered Car 

  • For Non Paying Support Vehicle/s will be parked at designated area, must remain in the area for the duration of the Event. 

How to Enter


  • Our online entry forms are designed to make entering easier and more straightforward, and they must be completed in full. Please upload your best shots so you can have a better chance to be in our website and Social Media  Profiles

  • Payments: Credit cards, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted. If your credit card is denied, it could be due to a technical or card issue. If it still does not go through, please contact us and we will assist you.

      Please E-Mail:

Exclusive Entry Packages 

                                                               Gold - Silver - Bronze 

"Our Exclusive Packages" include a prime location in the venue, a spacious shared garage, extra passes, 

  •  Two levels of the Standard Entry Prices

  • a) Early Bird until 24th Jan:          $190

  • b) Late Fee: 25th Jan- 1st Feb:    $250  

You must attach a good clear photo of your ride to ensure that your online application is confirmed. (Please note that entries will be contacted through e-mail or SMS text on the mobile number provided to us if it does not satisfy our standards, so please send us your best image of your ride.)

(NO PATCHED OR PRIMED PADDOCK BASHERS) will be accepted, unless permission given by promoter)

To be eligible for entry, submissions must be of acceptable quality.

  •  All passes, stickers and armbands will be given at the time of registration. 

What Your Entry Includes:

Entrant vehicles, as well as an adult pass to all driving activities chosen in the online entry form, are included in registrations. Please see our entry form link for the final deadline and admission fee information. Extra Passes can be purchased separately 

Set Up Day/s: 

Friday      4th - February from 5.00 pm  to 9.00 pm  

Saturday  5th - February from 7.00 am till 2.00 pm

Drivers Briefing

You must attend a driver briefing session if you wish to drive on the circuit.

Briefings for drivers will take place in the Briefing Room, as seen on the attached map at the top of the page.
This will only take approximately about 15 minutes. It's all about what activities you're allowed to take and what you're not allowed to do. It will cover safety rules and regulations, as well as how you should conduct yourself throughout all track events.

Drivers who break the rules on the track may be required to re-attend the driver's briefing in order to re-enter the circuit.



Scrutineering is a component of the registration process that occurs when you arrive with your car at the event. Your vehicle will be inspected for safety and entry eligibility. Please go to the map for your allocation; there will be signs and staff to assist you.

General rules​

  • All drivers must have hold a AASA license

  • All drivers must have a Zero Blood-Alcohol Level. We reserve the right to conduct random breath testing and confiscate any Alcohol found

  • All drivers to show their wristband at pit exit

  • Walking pace is the speed limit in the paddock and pit areas. Emergency vehicles excepted.

  • It is not acceptable for anyone to lose traction anywhere else than the track.

  • In a garage, only 20 litres of fuel can be stored ( If you have more than 20 lts please contact us for alternative). The fuel storage compartment is to be used for all other fuel.

  • Helmets must be worn for all events except cruising. Helmets must comply with Australian Standard 1698. Helmets must be in good condition (SKULL HELMETS NOT ACCEPTED)

  • In the event, you are able to enjoy yourself without breaking the rules. The Clerk of the Course may take the following actions:

  1. Warnings - If you've broken the rules, we'll remind you. Next time, be more cautious.

  2. Sin Bin - We’ll place a sticker on your car noting the time you may return to the track. You may be required to attend another driver briefing.

  3. Exclusion from the event - Your wristband and sticker will be removed. You may be asked to leave if the breach is severe enough.

Refund Policy

Any prepaid Entrant including Exclusive Package Holders that is not able to attend the event or wishes to withdraw may do so 2 weeks prior to the show date last day 21st January  2022  will be entitled to receive a refund minus a $50 administration fee. Any cancellations made after this date may not be eligible for a refund, and the promoter will examine the situation.

Refunds may take 7-10 days to process after we are notified. Alternatively you can also sell it to another entrant, but the car details must be changed and notified to Supernats Management A.S.A.P. Supernats  reserves the right to decline entry change over if it does not meet the criteria 

COVID- 19 Regulations:

In the unfortunate circumstances that the event is unable to go ahead, all prepaid entrant fees including Exclusive Package Holders will be refunded in full or rolled over to the next scheduled event date. If the event does not occur possibly due to weather conditions or COVID-19 rules, there will be an announcement made following the circumstances.

NOTE: Anyone who obtains a refund will be responsible for paying the updated event fees.


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