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Roll Racing


The SUPERNATS has finally been Locked & Loaded and will be crossing over International Waters to present a 2 day Horsepower Party in Tasmania AGAIN

Get a Feast on Muscle and Grunt with some KILLA Rides as they get ready to SEND IT for Action-Packed Days of NO-PREP Racing - Super Skids - Cruising The Track, Modified Cars & Custom Bikes on Show & Shine display, and "WILD & WICKED BURNOUT SMOKE SHOW" Trade Exhibitors, Food Vendors, and much more..all at the iconic venue Symmons Plains Raceway T.A.S

2nd & 3rd Febuary 2024

"Entries Online will be capped to make sure everyone

has a fair go at all the track activities "

Entrant Info


To ensure fun for all families and kids to enjoy

Entry Is Online Only and will be Limited also capped to make sure everyone

has a fair go at all the track activities and an enjoyable one. 

Primer Patched, Paddock Bashers & Body Damaged  Rides are not permitted 

MUST BE ALL ONE COLOUR (unless permission is given by Promoter)

Promoters reserve the right to reject entry


All competitors must hold a RACERS LICENCE   if you don't have one please purchase one before completing the form or email us once you have ONE week prior to the event! (MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE CLUBMANS and state the event date as 18th November)

License Fee $35 for Single Event or $75 Yearly

Please keep in mind: without prejudice or offense, If your online entry was denied,

it was most likely due to one of the reasons listed below.
1) Possible disqualification by the event insurance provider

2) Exclusion from venue management 
3) Misbehaviours in previous events

4) The vehicle(s) did not meet the entry requirements.

5) We called but received no response.


Those wanting a Premium Spot in the Venue with all of the extra benefits should book one of our

GOLD PASS or Entrant Workshop Sponsor Packages, which make online entry simpler while also providing the Ultimate Treatment and avoiding the inconvenience of queuing!

These Gold Package Passes, which are only available to 50 Competitors and 10 Entrant Workshop Sponsors, will be in high demand.  This exclusivity will be available to only 60.

It's tailored to combine all of the little additional costs into a single simple payment!



(before - 28th August) 

Package Includes

  • Driver, Entry Vehicle, Tow / Support Car & Camping

  • Express Registration & Scrutineering when you arrive at the venue

  • Single Car Spot in the Shared Garages (permits sleeping) 

  • Special Gold Pass Sticker, and Armbands to give you Bonus Track Times, as well as a dedicated Top Priority lane where you have access to track activities,

  • Plus 2 extra Adult Weekend Passes including Camping & Corporate Room Passes with air-conditioning above the garages, all for you to enjoy the event with family and friends. 

With a limited number of spots available, this is the best event package. Garages are only available to GOLD PASS holders and are not sold separately. Sleeping is permitted as long as there isn't any fuel with a capacity of more than 20 liters kept, and the payment is based on a car spot. During each Cruise Session, GOLD PASS holders are eligible to go On First for a half-hour of track bonus time.

Number plates or vehicle descriptions will be recorded and reported for any inappropriate behavior outside the venue, and those found may have their license suspended. Respect everyone in the public, and the property of the venue, behave morally, and don't ruin it for anyone else.


STANDARD (One Set Price)

Includes Entry to all Events:  Burnouts, Roll Racing, Super Skids, Drifting Cruise The Track, Show & Shine Judged


Early Fee: $170 (before-28th August) 

Mid  Fee: $220 (before-28th September)  

Late Fee: $250 (before-10th November) 


Includes: Participant & Entry Ride


Early Fee: $50  (before-28th August) 

Mid  Fee:   $60  (before-15th October)  

Late Fee:   $80  (before-10th November) 


We're inviting all car clubs and Motorsport Teams to participate in this Diversity Event, which will feature a broad collection of Australia's Greatest Rides. A fantastic opportunity to experience and see all the Street Machines, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Tuned, Trucks, & Bikes,


There will be a wide range of trophies and awards available for all classes and categories. A great event for all Clubs to get involved


We've allocated $500 in Prize Money to go towards the CLUB.



Most Participated Club $250 + Trophy (minimum 15 Participants required)


Best Presented Club $150 + Trophy (minimum 12 Participants required)


Best Displayed Club $100 + Trophy (minimum 10 Participants required)


Now is the time to get your car club members to get in the challenge to represent the Club & Win the Prizes

VIP Parking


$10.00  each day ONLINE or $15 at the gates: does not include admission ticket 

Extra Options

  • Support Vehicle other than entrant Tow vehicle is $60 extra (will be inside the venue)

  • Camping: $60 (Fri-Monday)  Set Price (not sold daily)

  • Entrants Only Discounted: Discounted Adult / Crew Tickets (2-Day Passes $50)

  • Junior Tickets: Discounted Weekend $20 Pass (6 yrs-12 yrs)  

  • Passenger Rides: $75 (Includes Weekend Pass)

Sponsor & Trade Stall Available

Please email interest to

 For Spectator Information and Ticket Purchases Please Click the Link Below

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