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Supernats is one of Sydney's Biggest one day Action packed Motorpsort event in the calender. Place where you can enter in Off Street Racing, Burnouts, Drifting, Super Skids, Cruise The Track, Show and Shine etc. All our major Events consists of generous amount of Cash awards and Trophies. Our Event is sanctioned by RACERS. We provide many catergories in our trophy list that you can see through our link. All competitors welcome as long as it is in nice and neat condition. Entrants under the age of 18, must have a parent or guardian's consent to sign the entry form. We allow a multiple of drivers to enter the one car but must fill out the entry form individually and pay the entry cost so we can allocate your entry number.

All entrant passes and goodies bags will be given at the day of registration. If you require an extension on your entry please notify us and we shall help you as much as we can.




Off Street Racing 

Off Street Racing Event  will be heads up flag's down

The Burnout Battle Supernats offering our competitors a generous

amount cash award of $15.000.00 in the BURNOUT PRIZE POOL


Drifting will be held at the Fig 8 Track all day long,

so you can Drift till you're hearts content.


Thanks to The Sydney Motorpsort Park Team and Manegment for all their support they have given us the permision to let you Cruise the Track in you're Rides.

Super Skids
Show & Shine

Superrskids Competiton is an event where it's a combination of  Horsepower and driving skills in a straight line Burnout without using front brakes, it's the drivers ability to use all the power of the vehicle's  Horsepower to smoke up them tyres off the car for the  longest distance  while only using the brake's towards the end when the Superskid has  ended. It will be judged by choosing the best skilled display of real Horsepower  and driver talent. 


What the judges will be looking for are:

1) Instant smoke off the mark

2) Engine revs

3) Quality & Quantity length of smoke

4) No brake lights staying on.(Brakes can only be used after Superskid is    finished)

 5) Driver skills and talent will make the Superskid winner.

The Superskid will be staged on the start of the Drag Strip in front of the  Christmas tree where it's not so sticky with VHT and will commence at  the end when Off Street Racing has ended.



Show & Shine and the Show N Go has always been a big part of Supernats Event. We have upgraded our trophy and cash award prizes to put a little smile on winners faces. To be a participant in the Show  & Shine you have to be an entrant and have completed the entry regulations. Supernats does not come in a seperate show fee. Our entry prices for the weekend is quite reasonable, in order to enter the Show class and supercrusie please see our entry forms for further info. To be judged you must display your car in the Show & Shine area with doors and bonnets open. Our judges will find your car and will make sure your  Vehicle / display does get judged. Once your car is judged your entrant sticker will be ticked. 

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Show & Go
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