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Street Machine Supernats 2021  Media Application


Thank You for your Interest in being part of the Media Contingent for this Event.
*Please return Applications, as soon as possible to:


We would like to inform Supernats only accepts media application by Magazine, Newspaper, T.V photographers, Video Crew, and editors. Social media & website designers will not be permitted for media accreditation unless pre - organised by promoter. Ahmet Sehirligil 0417 458 327

Accreditation will be based on an approval by the Promoter !!


Terms are Applicable with Photographers that have been selected: Event Photography are to be provided within 14 days Minimum number of Photos to be provided each day attended: 200 Nil watermarked Full Resolution Can be provided via Compact Disc/ USB/ or any another agreed format.

Media Application Conditions:
Applicants must be over the age of 18 and to be able to provide a photo ID
Upon your arrival, you will be required to Sign in at the Credentials Office.
A media vest must be worn at all times (A Refundable Deposit may be applicable on the day)
All Accredited Media must stay behind the Barriers in your designated areas, unless instructed by an Official and/or prior agreement organised. Directions given by Officials must be adhered to, at all times. Otherwise Media Accreditation may be revoked and you could be removed from the venue.

All photos and videos will be shared to the promoter via usb/cd or other formats with No Watermark for use of future events organised by Supernats Promotions 
All notifications will be responded via email, including success/unsuccessful - Media Accreditation. Supernats reserves the rights to use photos/videos from all of the successful media applicants for promoting any Supernats events. 





Street Machine Magazine is Supernats Event's Name In Right Sponsor. With many years of support from Street Machine Magazine Supernats has grown in a very big way. Evey year The Magazine will give pages of coverage and advertisement


Supernats has many times hit major media with its success and had record breaking drag racing times.  Here is just one example:

 Reported by : The Sydney Morning Herald as being.

• “The biggest crowd puller this year for

Eastern Creek", surpassing even the V8

Super cars. Supernats 2002 was the ultimate

success for the team of Supernats



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