Entrant Information


 Street Machine Supernats 2019 will be hosting it's first South Australia Motorsport Event

3 Day Action Packed event where competitors have the chance to enter in the Smoke Churning Burnout Battle - Off Street Racing- Cruising The Track - Super Skids - Go-To-Whoa - Show & Shine

IMPORTANT Entries will be Capped and Limited so please Enter Early

Special Features

*Super Truck Show with Burnout Demos & Cruising

Custom Bikes on Display

*JNR Family Cruise The Track (13 yrs and under permitted)

 We have 4 Burnout Categories Top Gun Pro Class, 8 N/A, 6 & Young Gunz Class. All class makes and models are welcome. Entrants under the age of 18, must have a parent or guardian's consent to sign the entry form. We allow a multiple of drivers to enter the one car but must fill out the online entry form individually and pay the entry cost so we can allocate your entry number.

All entrant Passes/Stickers, pre-booked tickets and  merchandise will be given at the day of registration. If you require an extension on your entry please notify us and we shall help you as much as we can.

Show & Shine Entries have the option to enter a single day at a cost of $60.00 which includes car and driver entry

All pricing & packages information will be found in our ENTRY  PRICE PAGE


Mallala Motorsport Park consists of 102 garages that can accommodate for competitors that would like to utilise .

You will be positioned in the main pit area for the event which gives you easy access to track activities. Garage hold 1 Entry car and gear. Fee does not include entry price and its non refundable but can be transferred have the option to book a single garage for 1 person at $350 for the 3 days or a double and share it with a buddy at a cost of  $650 which works out cheaper!


Camping is available at the venue if you want to book for camping it is available for booking online with your entry at a cost of $60 for the 2 nights which works out to be $35 per night Camping is not included in the Entry Fee, this Entrant Camping Fee covers the entrant to stay for the 2 Nights Fee is flat rate its is up to you whether you choose the one night stay or two nights. Kids under the age will be free 

Passenger Rides $25.00

These passes are available on the day/s of the event no pre purchased available

Supernats Mallala Motorsport Park Competitor Information & Guide Package

Street Machine Supernats will be held at Mallala Motorsport Park which is in South Australia. Competitors must enter via Front Gate 

Once we have received your online and hard copy entry form with the payment, we will email you a confirmation number and receipt of entry details. We will attach an entry guide, trophy list and schedule. Please bring all necessary paper work with you on the day so we can get through admin work quicker. We have attached documents in the email that you must print and bring with you to the registration office. If you do not have a AASA licence you can purchase a days license for a online at http://aasa.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/EXTREME-EVENT-LICENCE-APPLICATION-2016.pdf ensure its pre-purchased prior to the event


How to Enter


Our Online Entry forms are created to make it easier and simple way to enter and must be completed in full. Payment options

are Credit Card, Visa & MasterCard If your Credit Card is declined it maybe due to a technical issue or card issue if it does not go through please contact us and we will help you. Ph 0411 841 275

You can enter either as a Standard Entrant or a Super VIP Competitor  that we have introduced to the Supernats Mallala Motorsport Park Venue

We have 3 Stages of entry prices the quicker you enter the cheaper it is for you.

NOTE: you MUST add photo of entered vehicle otherwise your entry will not be submitted or entered 

 All passes, stickers and armbands will be given at the time of registration. 

What Your Entry Includes:


Entries includes entrant car an adult pass for the 3 days , and driving events that they have nominated in the entry form.  Please refer to our entry form link to get the final date and prices on entry fees.


Set Up Day: Entrants and Exhibitors can come on Friday 4th October from 10.am or Saturday 5th October Morning from 8.00 am 2019 to the accreditation Marquee at entry the Gate to set up and get scrutineer we recommend these times so we can give you the best allocations.

Drivers Briefing

If you want to go on the track, you must attend a driver briefing session.

Drivers briefings will take place in the Briefing room located in the paddock area

This will only take no more than 10mins. It is all about in what actions you are permitted to do and want you are strictly not permitted. It will be about safety rules and regulations, and how you must behave on all track activities.

Drivers who break the rules on the track may be asked to revisit the driver’s briefing to re-gain access to the circuit.



Scrutineering is part of your registration process that happens when you arrive at the event with your car. Your entrant vehicle will be checked for safety and entry worthiness.


Judging ,Cash & Trophy Awards: Supernats regularly supplies a wide range of trophies and upgrades it Cash awards you will find the trophy list & cash awards in the awards section of the website. Please keep in mind it is subject to change. Our cash awards are always paid 7-10 days after the event into your nominated bank account. It is the entrants responsibility to collect trophy if the entrant is not in contact with us with 14 days after the event it will no longer be available to present the award.

General rules​

  • All drivers must have hold a AASA license

  • All drivers must have a zero blood-alcohol level. We reserve the right to conduct random breath testing

  • All drivers to show their wristband at pit exit

  • The speed limit in the paddock area is walking pace. Emergency vehicles excepted.

  • Anyone breaking traction anywhere except the track is NOT ACCEPTABLE

  • Only 20 litres of fuel can be stored in a garage. All other fuel is to be kept in the fuel storage area.

  • Helmets must be worn for all events except cruising. Helmets must comply with Australian Standard 1698. Helmets must be in good condition

  • In the event you are unable to enjoy yourself without breaking the rules, the Clerk of the Course may take the following action:

  1. Warning - We’ll remind you that you’ve broken the rules. Be more careful next time.

  2. Sin Bin - We’ll place a sticker on your car noting the time you may return to the track. You may need to attend a driver briefing again.

  3. Exclusion from the event- We’ll remove your sticker and wristband. If the breach is bad enough, you may be asked to leave the venue.

Supernats Burnout Information



The main Burnout Pad open to all entrants for the main competitions & the Second Burnout Pad open to entrants TO SMASH TYRES AND PRACTICES.

4 Classes for The Burnout Competition


2) 8 N/A

3) 6, 


The classification of competitors between the classes The Entrant has the choice to be in the class he/she wants. We have cash prizes for all classes


Burnout Competitors will be grouped in mixture of classes i.e. GROUP 1,2,3,4,5 mixed with classes

All Qualifying will be Based on the judges scores, the Promoter will nominate a number of competitors to return for a burnout final. The winners will be determined by the Promoter in consultation with the judges.


Elimination burnouts will have 90 seconds. Final burnouts have maximum of 2 minutes.

All competitors must stop their burnout when advised by flags 

Failure to stop the burnout when directed to may result in a lower judged score, or disqualification from the event at the discretion of the promoter.

Vehicles on rims must immediately change their tyres upon leaving the burnout pad. Competitors will be liable for any damage to the circuit from driving on rims. You may have to pay for track damage you cause.

No competitor is to break traction anywhere other than the burnout pad.

Burnout Rules:

-No Static burnouts

-Entry Vehicle not to be driven around the venue or the track on rims. Competitors are liable for any damage.

-No Skids or Burnouts at the pits or paddock will incur your entry cancellation


Burnout Judging Criteria:

 Instant Smoke -

Constant Smoke –

Quantity & Quality of Smoke -

Driver Control-

Crowd Response -

Engine Revs-

Blowing Tyres

Track Cruising:

Track Cruising will take place several times during the event.

Passengers are allowed as long they are wearing long sleeves, long pants and closed shoes

All occupants in the vehicle must wear a seat belt.

All passengers must fill out an indemnity form and wear a wristband. Photo identification may be required.

Passengers must be over 13 years of age, with a parent or legal guardian to sign the indemnity for persons under 18 years of age.

For Full Competitor Entry Guide Please Download The File



Circuit Map

Garage Layout

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