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Burnouts Classes


Top Overall Grand Champion Winner!


TOP Elite  Winner

TOP Elite  Winner R/U


TOP V8  Winner

Top V8   R/U

Top 4/6 Cylinder Winner

Top 4/6 Cylinder R/U

Top Rotary T.B.C

Burnout Rules:

90-second qualifying Skids for a Top 20 finish in all classes, at the finals Burnouts are limited to two minutes. When red flags and lights appear, competitors must stop their burnout. Failure to cease the burnout when instructed may result in a lower judged score or disqualification from the event.

  • Must have a AASA License

  • Must remove all wheel weight from every burnout rim

  • No Alloy rims allowed

  • Presentable appearance

  • Automatics must have an operational neutral safety switch

  • No oil leaks

  • Minimum 600ml coolant overflow Tank/Bottle

  • Minimum lap sash seat belt for driver and passenger

  • Seats to be in good supportive condition and have all mounting bolts fitted

  • Battery to be secured with clamp or bracket (it is highly recommended to have an isolation switch)Fuel cells / Tanks, battery must be isolated from Cabin area

  • Modified Floor pan/Fire wall and Tunnel to be inspected by scrutineers for approval

  • Tail shaft loop 360 deg no further than 150 mm from front uni

  • No Static Burnouts



Long pants, long sleeve shirt. No Nylon.
Enclosed shoes and socks
Helmet – AS/NZS 1698:2006 Minimum.
NOTE – Sleeves must be down before, during and after the burnout until the car is parked and turned off.

All Drivers, Passengers MUST have photo ID to sign in                                                 

Driver and Passenger must complete ALL required indemnity forms before they can sign in Drivers with passengers must be at eighteen years of age or older No ID , No Entry!

Random Breath Testing (RBT) may be conducted on Drivers and Passengers

Burnout Judging Criteria:

Instant Smoke - Constant Smoke –Quantity & Quality of Smoke 

Driver Control- Crowd Response Engine Revs Blow out Tyre/s

SHOW & SHINE (Saturday) 

In the Supernats Show & Shine, you must display your Vehicle, Truck or Custom Bike in the allocated Show & Shine area. Our Judges will find your Vehicle / display and make sure your vehicle gets judged. The judges will automatically decide what category / class your vehicle will be.

Once your Vehicle is judged your entrant sticker will be ticked. Your car and driver are permitted to enter the designated Show & Shine.Participants are welcome to return back on the Sunday and display there rides at no extra cost!

Super Truck Show. This category has started to grow since we introduced it back in 2013, in Sydney it was the first time in Supernats History and proud to say first time in Australia's History they got to Drag Race, Cruise The Track and hold some Burnout Demos. We give the big Riggs a fair go and treat them equal as Motor enthusiast's. 

The Bike category at Supernats has always been popular and one of the main features  to the events in Sydney therefore will be adding this catagory to our Regional Revfest Event




Supernats  presents its 1 st Regional Revfest Tamworth, aiming for the car culture, enthusiasts to  a whole new level.

Supernats  isn't just a Motorsport event - it's the ultimate experience.


We're inviting all car clubs and Motorsport Teams to participate in this year's Diversity Event, which will feature a broad collection of Australia's Greatest Rides.  A fantastic opportunity to experience and see all the Tough Street Machines, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Japanese Domestic, Trucks, and Custom Bikes, as well as to show off your pride and joy. There will be a wide range of special trophies and awards available for all classes and categories. All Rides are respected and acknowledged, and we make every effort to accommodate all makes and models.


We've chosen to host a CAR CLUB COMPETITION since there are so many great clubs and teams in the industry. We've reserved $200.00 to contribute to the challenge. To compete in this competition, there must be at least two car clubs.

Rules & Regulation for the Competition

A special offer for early entrants is listed below

1) To Win $200.00 plus Trophy Must Enter Minimum of 10 cars for the Top Participated Award (the more cars your club enters more chance to win cash)

2) To Win $150.00 plus Trophy  Top Presented Club Cash Award $150  so get your thinking caps on and show us a real creative stand /displays


Note that the winning Club will receive funds directly deposited into the Club account, not to an individual's account. The Club Competition will be held on Saturday, 16th July from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Supernats Regional Revfest Participant Information & Guide 

The Street Machine Supernats will be held at Tamworth Speedway NSW

Competitors must enter the venue through Bowlers Ln, Westdale NSW 2340
Signs and personnel will direct you to the correct location.

Please bring any required papers or a digital receipt with you on the day of your attendance so that we can get through the administrative responsibilities as quickly as possible.

It is essential that you have an AASA permit. If you do not already have one, please purchase one at

  • Make certain that it has been pre-purchased prior to the event. 

Please make sure you head to Scrutineering. This is where you and your vehicle will be checked in. Your vehicle will undergo safety check and you will be issued with your vehicles official entrant  sticker, arms bands and all passes you have pre ordered 

  • Scrutineering will be open Sat 16th  July from 8am  to 2pm

Support / Trailer 

  • Support Vehicles / Trailer Parking will in a designated area

How to Enter


  • Our online entry forms are designed to make entering easier and more straightforward, and they must be completed in full. Please upload your best shots so you can have a better chance to be in our website and Social Media  Profiles

  • Payments: Credit cards & Pay Pal are accepted

  • NOTE: If your credit card is denied, it could be due to a technical or card issue.

  • If you are entering from you Mobile phone and credit card does not go through you must either use the pay pal option or enter via a Desk Top it still does not go through, please contact us and we will assist you.

      Please E-Mail:

GOLD V.I.P Entrants

Permits Extra Skids through Saturday and Sunday at designated times, Plus a Free Entrant Two-Day Camping (Fri-Sat)

Standard Entrants

Permits Entrants a minimum of 2 Skids 

To be eligible for entry, submissions must be of acceptable quality.

All passes, stickers and armbands will be given at the time of registration. 

What Your Entry Includes:

Entrant vehicles, as well as an adult pass to all driving activities chosen in the online entry form, are included in registrations. Please see our entry form link for the final deadline and admission fee information. Extra Passes can be purchased separately 

Campers $30 price is set for 2 nights (not sold daily)                                                                      Start Friday 15th July, all Campers must arrive between at 4.00 pm - 9.00 pm                              Gates will be shut out of these hours. There will be no registration on the Friday              Saturday  16th - July from 8.00 am till 2.00 pm


Scrutineering is a component of the registration process that occurs when you arrive with your car at the event. Your vehicle will be inspected for safety and entry eligibility. Please go to the map for your allocation; there will be signs and staff to assist you.

Saturday  16th - July from 8.00 am till 2.00 pm

General rules​


Drivers Briefing                       

You must attend a driver briefing session if you wish to attend the Burnout Comp                Briefings for drivers will take place in the Briefing Room, (in the garage)                                        This will only take approximately about 15 minutes. It's all about what activities you're allowed to take and what you're not allowed to do. It will cover safety rules and regulations, as well as how you should conduct yourself throughout the sessions Drivers who break the rules on the track may be required to re-attend the driver's briefing​

General rules​

  • All drivers must have hold a AASA license

  • All drivers must have a Zero Blood-Alcohol Level. We reserve the right to conduct random breath testing and confiscate any Alcohol found

  • Helmets must be worn for the burnouts Helmets must comply with Australian Standard 1698. Helmets must be in good condition (SKULL HELMETS NOT ACCEPTED)

  • In the event, you are able to enjoy yourself without breaking the rules. The Clerk of the Course may take the following actions:

  1. Warnings - If you've broken the rules, we'll remind you. Next time, be more cautious.

  2. Sin Bin - We’ll place a sticker on your car noting the time you may return to the track. You may be required to attend another driver briefing.

  3. Exclusion from the event - Your wristband and sticker will be removed. You may be asked to leave if the breach is severe enough.

Refund Policy

Any prepaid Entrant including Exclusive Package Holders that is not able to attend the event or wishes to withdraw may do so 3 weeks prior to the show date last day 24th June 2022  will be entitled to receive a refund minus a $50 administration fee. Any cancellations made after this date may not be eligible for a refund, and the promoter will examine the situation.

Refunds may take 10-14 days to process after we are notified. Alternatively you can also sell it to another entrant, but the car details must be changed and notified to Supernats Management A.S.A.P. Supernats  reserves the right to decline entry change over if it does not meet the criteria