Burnouts There will be TWO BURNOUT PADS FOR USE:


The main Burnout Pad will take place on the burnout pad next to …..

The Second Burnout Pad will only be used for practice and for only the VIP ENTRANTS


4 Classes Of Burnouts, Pro, 8 N/A, 6, & Young Gunz

The classification of competitors between the classes The Entrant has the choice to be in the class he/she wants. We have cash prizes for all classes


Burnout Competitors will be grouped in mixture of classes (i.e. GROUP 1 ,2,3,4,5) There will be minimum of 2 Qualifying Based on the judges scores, the Promoter will nominate a number of competitors to return for a burnout final. The winners will be determined by the Promoter in consultation with the judges.


Elimination burnouts will have 90 seconds. Final burnouts have maximum of 2 minutes.

All competitors must stop their burnout when advised by red flags and lights.

Failure to stop the burnout when directed to may result in a lower judged score, or disqualification from the event at the discretion of the promoter.

Vehicles on rims must immediately change their tyres upon leaving the burnout pad. Competitors will be liable for any damage to the circuit from driving on rims. You may have to pay for track damage you cause.

No competitor is to break traction anywhere other than the burnout pad.


TOP GUN PRO: Best Known to be the Blown Cars. forced induction engines .

Includes after market  supercharged, turbo charged, or naturally aspirated  Its Extremely Modified with very high horsepower. Fuel Petrol E85 Ethanol or Methanol

8 N/A : 

6 cyl 

Young Gunz : for ages between 14yrs to 18 yrs and under

Burnout Rules:

-No Static burnouts

-Entry Vehicle not to be driven around the venue or the track on rims. Competitors are liable for any damage.

-No Skids or Burnouts at the pits or paddock will incur your entry cancellation


Burnout Judging Criteria:

- Instant Smoke - Constant Smoke –Quantity & Quality of Smoke -

Driver Control- Crowd Response -

Engine Revs-

Blowing Tyres


Super Skids

Super skids combine horsepower and driver skill. Without using the brakes, the aim is to spin the tyres for as long as possible down the main straight. Brakes are only to be used to steady the car, and not to continue the skid.   No passengers permitted in this event



1) Instant smoke off the mark

2) Engine revs

3) Quality & Quantity length of smoke

4) No brake lights staying on. (Brakes can be used after Superskid is finished)

 5) Driver skills and style.

This will take place on the main straight.


Off-Street Drags 


Run What Ya Brung! (Flags Down)

It will be heads up street race over approximately 1/8th Mile.

Burnouts to warm tyres will not be permitted.

Standing start, flag drop to start the race.

You will race against whoever comes up next to at random

This event takes place on the main straight. The track will not be fully prepped, and no timing equipment will be used.

No passengers allowed.

Winners may return to the line-up and race again, time permitting.

Heads Up Go To Whoa
Two entrant cars at a time in side by side take off from the start line and head for a double set of lines on the drag strip. When they reach the other end they have to come to a complete stop between the double lines. The car that gets to and stops between the lines the quickest wins!

This requires a combination of good acceleration, car control and braking.



Track Cruising will take place several times during the event. Heaps of Track Time!!

Passengers are allowed as long they are wearing long sleeves, long pants and closed shoes

All occupants in the vehicle must wear a seatbelt.

All passengers must fill out an indemnity form and wear a wristband. Photo identification may be required.

Passengers must be over 13 years of age, with a parent or legal guardian to sign the indemnity for persons under 18 years of age.


Family JNR Track Cruise

Define: kids under 13 years old that is permitted into the cruise session with car travelling at no more than

40 klms Family Track Cruising will be allocated sessions each day throughout the weekend. 

Passengers are allowed as long they are wearing long sleeves, long pants and closed shoes

All occupants in the vehicle must wear a seat belt.

All passengers must fill out an indemnity form and wear a wristband. Photo identification may be required.

Passengers can be under 13 years of age, with a parent or legal guardian to sign the indemnity for persons under 18 years of age. The Speed Limit cannot be over 40 klms this is to ensure the safety of children. Only for families with kids permitted in these cruise sessions


The cruise is not a competitive event.

  • No drifting

  • No static burnouts

  • No donuts.

  • Not too much smoke

  • No loss of control.

  • No slowing down or stopping on the circuit to bunch the field

  • If you break down, we will send assistance

  • Yellow flags or lights means slow down, hazard ahead.

  • Red lights mean the session is finished please leave the cruise session When the circuit is under red lights, slow down, drive safely and expect to see emergency vehicles on the circuit.

  • We will have officials cruising that will be under cover watching and observing


In the Supernats Show & Shine, you must display your Vehicle, truck or bike in the allocated Show & Shine area. Our Judges will find your Vehicle / display and make sure your vehicle gets judged. The judges will automatically decide what category / class your vehicle will be.

Once your Vehicle is judged your entrant sticker will be ticked. If by any chance you believe your Vehicle hasn't been judged do not hesitate to find the judges and do ask them. You have a choice to enter on just single day on Saturday or Sunday at a cost of $60.00 permits your car and driver or you can enter the 3 Days at the normal entry fee


Super Truck Show. This category has started to grow since we introduced it back in 2013, in Sydney it was the first time in Supernats History and proud to say first time in Australia's History they got to Drag Race, Cruise The Track and hold some Burnout Demos. We give the big Riggs a fair go and treat them equal as Motor enthusiast's. This year we have special permission from the management of Mallala Motorsport Park to have them cruise and have some burnout demos for the crowd and have extended the category and now have more trophies for the BIG RIGGS. 


The Bike category at Supernats has always been popular and one of the main features  to the events in Sydney therefore will be adding this catagory to Mallala  venue , in addition we also extended the category and now have more trophies for the Bike Category.


Supernats  presents its 25th annual celebration at South Australia aiming for the car culture, enthusiasts to  a whole new level.

Supernats  isn't just a Motorsport event - it's the ultimate experience.


We are inviting all Car Clubs & Motorsport Teams from SA and other states across Australia to take part of this years Diversity Event, paired with an extensive collection of Australia's finest automotive selection. A great opportunity to see and participate in the world of the mix car culture of Tough Street Machine,Muscle Cars, Hot Rods ,Japanese Domestic, Trucks and Custom Bikes to show case your pride and joy or take part of all the Track Activities the event has to offer.There will be an extensive of a variety of our special trophies and cash awards for all classes and categories.  We respect and acknowledge all rides and strive to cater for makes & models


Supernats Is all about getting The Australian Motoring Enthusiasts to share all types of Horsepower in the Show & Shine and show & go format, with Automotive Traders, Kids Fun Activities, whilst also having the opportunity to go out on the track and have some fun and if you win a trophy or cash then that  just adds to the excitement 

With Such Great Clubs and Teams in the industry we have decided to run a CAR CLUB COMPETITION. We have allocated $500.00 to put towards the competition. Must Have at least 2 Car Clubs to compete in this competition. 

Rules & Regulation for the Competition

1) To Win $300.00 plus Trophy Must Enter Minimum of 12 cars for the Top Participated Award (the more cars your club enters more chance to win the cash)

2) To Win $200.00 plus Trophy Must Enter Minimum of 6 cars to be eligible for the Top Presented Club $200 Cash Award

so get your thinking caps on and show us a real creative stand /displays


Note: The winning Club will receive funds directly deposited to the Club not an individual 

The Club Competition will take place on Sunday 6th October between 10.am - 4pm

Any Club member can upgrade there entry the Show & Go and still be part of the Competition just make sure the entered car gets judged